Multilogin antidetect browser. Agomo: Cloud Based Multi-PC Optimization From the Makers of CCleaner

Multilogin antidetect browser. Agomo: Cloud Based Multi-PC Optimization From the Makers of CCleaner

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Yesterday was an important day in the tech world.  It marked the launch of a new and unique product called Agomo. This software allows the user to manage and optimize multiple computers via a cloud-based platform, from directly within their web browser.  You can simply download and install Agomo onto each computer you need to optimize, then you can access and manage those PCs from Agomo’s web-based interface. What is great about this product is that Agomo offers everything that Piriform users traditionally love, from wiping drives, to the ability to pre-schedule PC cleaning or defragmentation.  And all of this is neatly packaged in one place, through a cloud-based infrastructure.

Guy Saner, CEO of Piriform said, “Agomo will change the way people maintain their PCs…No other optimization product offers this level of functionality, and we’ve combined that with the convenience of being able to manage multiple computers remotely. We’ve focused on creating a product that delivers what our users really want, and given it a slick yet simple interface, meaning anyone can use it.”

Agomo works using patented technology from Piriform’s globally popular CCleaner and Defraggler software. Users are now able to accomplish a multitude of tweaks and optimizations. With Agomo you are able to fix system problems, monitor system stats and memory, clean and defragment hard drives and you can even add or remove software and control start-up programs!

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Piriform’s patented CCleaner is the world’s most popular PC optimization tool. In the nine years since it was first released it has been downloaded over 1 billion times and installed on approximately one quarter of the world’s PCs. Agomo brings the power of CCleaner and much more to the cloud.

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Currently the product is in beta, but it is available upon request at Agomo.  You can also check out the screenshot tour here.  I strongly encourage you to head over there and check it out!

About Piriform

Piriform is the leading global provider of software that makes computers run Clean, Safe and Fast™. The company’s award-winning product portfolio includes a full range of system optimization tools. Along with the flagship CCleaner, Piriform also develops user-friendly tools for defragmenting hard drives and recovering lost files. Its products, CCleaner, Agomo, Defraggler, Speccy and Recuva optimize computing performance, improve security and extend the useful life of computer hardware. Piriform products are designed for home use, small- and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises and public sector organizations. Piriform’s headquarters are in London, with additional offices in New York and Europe.  You can find out more at Piriform’s Website.


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