Multilogin antidetect browser. CCleaner Android App in Testing

Multilogin antidetect browser. CCleaner Android App in Testing

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Just over a year ago we announced Piriform (the software house behind everybody’s favourite PC utility CCleaner) were working on an Android version of their popular desktop software. Earlier this week Piriform finally released a public beta of the CCleaner Android App.

To test the app for free, you can sign up to the CCleaner for Android Beta Community which will give you a private access link to the Google Play store.

We’ve been playing around with the app for a few days now and really love it. The UI is simple and intuitive – much like the desktop version. From the main page you can quickly analyse your Android device’s internal storage and clean your cache, clipboard, browser history and/or SMS library. Meaning you can improve your mobile’s speed in just a few clicks. This won’t just help your device’s performance, regularly deleting sensitive data on your phone will keep your mobile and all the accounts its connected to more secure in case your phone does fall into the wrong hands.

From the Analysis screen you can manually clean apps and check/adjust settings. It was pretty surprising to see how much unneeded data was being stored on our Chrome app, not to mention the amount of access the app has to other areas of the mobile. Most mobile users will have upwards of 50 apps, so freeing up some of the space used by application caches will improve performance more than you think. And thankfully, CCleaner for Android does not affect account info or settings.

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CCleaner Android App analysis screen

If like us, you’re constantly snapping pictures CCleaner for Android will be a useful quick app to free up some memory when you get the dreaded device capacity full message. You can also use the app to monitor CPU, RAM and battery levels.

Piriform yesterday announced they are also working on custom folder cleaning, rooted device features as well as process management and RAM cleaning.

All in all, we’re pretty excited about this little app and it looks like we’re not the only ones. The Beta community has already gained over 22,000 users in the first couple of days. Piriform are currently going through the typical process of ironing out bugs on specific operating systems and devices, but are hopeful of a full launch in the coming months.

In line with the company’s software principles, it looks like CCleaner for Android will be a free download. Whether it will match the popularity of their desktop product is yet to be seen. But the early indications are good…

TechBeat will keep you up to date with any new developments for CCleaner for Android.

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