Multilogin antidetect browser. Citrix Releases GoToMeeting For Chrome

Multilogin antidetect browser. Citrix Releases GoToMeeting For Chrome

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Video conferencing is a standard requirement in today’s business environments.  Whether people choose to use Skype or another service, they need high quality services at little or no cost.  The market has a few products that are availalble at the moment and one to look out for is Citrix‘s GoToMeeting, a conferencing tool, which the company has just released as a free version for Google Chrome. 

This option allows people to go on-line instantly via its cloud-based tool for conferencing.  Although free, this version does have limitations.  For instance, only three people can conference at any time with the free download.  However, Citrix claims this version will allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the luxury of flexible working.

As well as this, the company is introducing a free app for iPhone and iPads that allows iOS users to create and edit Microsoft Office documents.  Also called ShareFile QuickEdit, Citrix has decided to go ahead and allow an Office editor within its service.

Michele Pavone, senior product manager of mobile at Citrix, said: “People want to do more than just consume content on their mobile devices; they want to create and edit content whenever inspiration strikes,” says Michele Pavone, product manager of mobile at Citrix.  “By introducing ShareFile QuickEdit for free, we are extending high-fidelity Office editing to even more people and advancing productivity on iPads and iPhones.”

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Because of this apparent need to create and edit documents by the current market audience, Citrix claims that ShareFile QuickEdit will meet that need. An embedded Office and PDF editor for ShareFile is included along with Byte Squared, a secure native document viewer and editor.

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GoToMeeting Free and ShareFile QuickEdit are now available.

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