Multilogin antidetect browser. Microsoft and Google Go Head to Head in Enterprise Market

Multilogin antidetect browser. Microsoft and Google Go Head to Head in Enterprise Market

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The rivalry between Microsoft and Google has never been hotter. Both tech giants are going head to head in an unprecedented battle which has got everyone excited. From a customer standpoint this rivalry means better products at competitive prices. The best thing about this battle is that it is being fought over multiple platforms. So who will succeed?

Firstly let’s start with Microsoft and look at the progress they have made in recent times. It seemed pretty clear that Google had marched ahead of its rival with its online office app services and now Microsoft is making attempts to stage a comeback. Microsoft recently revamped its Microsoft office software to win back some of the lost market share. This new version called Office 365 is especially designed for businesses and has been further integrated to make usage easier.  This is clearly a step that has been taken to counter the growth of Google apps. Microsoft has also claimed that the percentage of businesses using Microsoft Office has grown considerably in recent years.

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Secondly Microsoft has also taken a dig at Google’s Chrome browser by revealing its shortcomings. Chrome, a rival for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, has in recent years developed quite a reputation and is the preferred choice of consumers. Microsoft has tried an old trick to get back at Google by telling customers that they are no good either. Microsoft’s researchers have been at work and they have found some security bugs in the Chrome browser. In a statement by Microsoft they claim “A sandboxed remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that Google Chrome attempts to reference memory that has been freed,” Microsoft said.” However according to Google this problem has already been fixed and this is no longer an issue to worry about.

  Multilogin antidetect browser. Microsoft's huge Patch Tuesday includes fix for bug under attack

On the other hand Google has also been busy making its plans. Google after acquiring Quick Office has taken the battle straight to Microsoft. This cloud based service is a direct competitor to Office 365. Furthermore Google recently announced that the weather channel’s parent Weather Co was moving to Google apps.

The two companies are going head to head in an intense battle and it’s hard to predict the winner. Both companies are duking it out over contracts as they look to gain a market lead. Microsoft might have more overall users but Google is closing the gap at a very rapid pace.

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