Multilogin antidetect browser. Opera 18 For Android Released

Multilogin antidetect browser. Opera 18 For Android Released

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Opera 18 for Android Brings a New Design and Dedicated Tablet Support with their  major update to the Android browser. Opera 18 for Android isn’t just a minor bug fix update. The new Opera browser is built on a code base from Chromium 31, so it should be fast and reliable.  Opera has taken its browser and completely redesigned it for an even better web experience on a tablet.

There are several features and several improved features such as the Menu buttons and navigation buttons are placed where Opera thinks they will be easily accessible. They should be right where your fingers can reach them.  Off-Road mode is a feature that will help you stay connected in any situation where your data connection is not strong. Public Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a problem anymore, and Opera’s built-in data saving features can help reduce your mobile data usage too. Discover will let you find magazine and newspaper articles based on your interests. Opera 18’s update now handles tabbed browsing like a desktop browser, which is a welcomed addition. The entire browser has been redesigned to offer users an “interface that’s light, clean and bright.”

The Discover feature is a shop for all your news, sports and interesting feature stories. To access your personal selection of fresh content, all you have to do is swipe from right to left on the Speed Dial start screen. It is easy to customize the news feed to fit your interests; this means that no extra surfing around the web is necessary.

The Off-Road mode allows you go online in conditions such as a busy but free, Wi-Fi hotspot in a café.  The advantage of this feature is Off-Road mode compresses the data traffic to minimize data usage; this could save you money while roaming with your data plan.

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Speed Dial, is an innovation designed by Opera.  The feature makes the perfect companion for any tablet. Large, square buttons allow you easily to organize, add and access your most frequently visited Websites.

Opera made the transition from the Presto engine to a WebKit based browser earlier this year. By switching to the WebKit engine this allowed Opera to compete with other mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

If you haven’t yet checked out the Opera browser or you just haven’t used it for a time, check out the link for the new Opera 18 for Android in the Google Play Store.

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