Multilogin antidetect browser. The Latest Version Of CCleaner is Available Now

Multilogin antidetect browser. The Latest Version Of CCleaner is Available Now

What is browser automation

TOR browser automation.

CCleaner from Piriform is likely the most popular freeware cleaner out there thanks to the fact that it is quick and easy to use. Effectively CCleaner gives your computer a good spring clean, removing cookies, temporary files and any other unused data that clogs up your PC, slowing it down. Once CCleaner has worked its magic, your computer’s system can run faster and enable you to have a more secure internet browsing experience.

Piriform’s latest update, Version 4.11, sees improvements to the File Finder tool. Included is an option to find duplicate files based on file content, as well as a new upper file size threshold, which will further narrow a duplicate file search.

Browser automation extension

Version 4.11 also features an improvement to the way the Driver Wiper detects SSD drives.

Other changes made to CCleaner include:

  •     Added Opera 15 and newer Startup item management
  •     Added File content duplicate detection to File Finder
  •     Improved Drive Wiper SSD detection
  •     Added Torch Browser support
  •     Added File Finder upper file size threshold
  •     Optimized Firefox Profile Startup items detection
  •     Improved Scheduler language support (Professional only)
  •     Improved Google Earth, Winamp, MusicMatch Jukebox and Windows Live Messenger cleaning
  •     Minor GUI Improvements
  •     Minor bug fixes

CCleaner Version 4.11 is available to download now through FileHippo

How to use browser automation studio.

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